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Accurate Pest Control

Accurate Pest Control is a locally owned pest inspection business in DeWitt, MI we operate within a one hundred mile radius. We have been doing pest inspections for over 25 years in the Lansing area. Our inspectors are licensed in Michigan.

Accurate Pest is a fully staffed office that can be reached 5 days a week. Our philosophy is that each inspection is the most important inspection.

Over the years, we have inspected and treated homes, restaurants, office buildings, boats, apartment complexes, and many other types of buildings and structures.

Bud Fifield

Pest Inspection Team Lead

Jake Fifield

Pest Inspection Team Member

We Are the Most Knowledgable Local Pest Control Company in Mid-Michigan

Accurate Inspections LLC prides ourselves on being up to date with the latest technology and techniques for identifying and controlling pests.

Since Customer service and continuing education are our highest priorities; we are always pleased to answer any questions you might have. Here at Accurate Inspections we believe in sharing our experience and knowledge. We have conducted Educational programs for Elementary Students to Real Estate Professionals.

If You or Your Organization is Interested in Learning more feel free to contact us anytime! We can Tailor our presentation to meet the needs of any group interested in Learning, and we don't charge a dime. ​

What to Expect during a Pest Inspection

When you choose Accurate Pest Control you're making the most sensible and practical decision possible for your home or business. We have been in business for years and know Mid-Michigan, along with its most common pests and the best way to deal with them appropriately.

Accurate Pest Control takes great pride on employing a precise approach to every pest control situation, using every means at their disposal to make sure that the pests are the only thing affected by our work.

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